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Benefits of Incorporating Serums into Your Skincare Routine

Serums are an essential step in your skincare routine and it is used by many beauty enthusiasts and professionals. These have active ingredients that target specific skin concerns and they are a great step to achieve healthy skin.

You can find many types of Ciencia skincare serums ranging from lightweight to thick consistencies. These fast absorbing liquids can deliver high concentrations of active ingredients to your skin. When it comes to moisturisers, these will hydrate and protect the surface of your skin. But serums will address specific skin concerns such as pigmentation, ageing, acne and dehydration. These tend to have smaller molecules so that they can easily penetrate the skin. The primary benefit of using serums is that they will provide targeted treatment. Whether you want to attend to dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, acne etc. you can find a serum that will cater to  your concern. This is a targeted approach and you will be able to deliver the right ingredients to your skin. And you can use them on areas that need it the most. These have a high concentration of active ingredients. And this makes serums quite potent when compared to other skincare products.

When you use a serum, you will see quicker and more noticeable results.

There are serums with vitamin C that will brighten the skin. These will reduce the appearance of dark spots in a more effective way compared to your standard moisturiser. Serums will also penetrate deep into your skin because of their smaller molecular size and lightweight consistency. This deep penetration will allow the active ingredients to work more effectively at the cellular level and this will help to address issues in your skin from within. Serums are lightweight and non-greasy so they are generally suitable for all skin types. This also includes oily and acne prone skin. The light texture of serums mean that they will be absorbed easily into the skin and you can easily layer them under other skincare products and makeup.

You can give your skin a hydration boost

When you use serums with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. This will help plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. You will be able to enjoy a smooth and radiant complexion from this. There are serums that will have ingredients like antioxidants. These include green tea extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, resveratrol etc. that can protect your skin from environmental damage. This will help you age gracefully without having to worry about premature wrinkles and fine lines. Anti-ageing serums will combat the signs of ageing such as loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles with ingredients like retinol, growth factors and peptides. There are brightening serums as well that include ingredients such as vitamin c, niacinamide and liquorice extract. For ace fighting serums, you can look for ingredients that include tea tree oil, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. They will help exfoliate your skin and reduce inflammation so that breakouts can be prevented.